• How KUDs fit into the UbD
    Understanding by Design is essentially backwards mapping the curriculum.  The first step in the process is the KUD development.  Establishing what it is that you want the students to Know Understand and be able to Do.  In order to develop your KUDs your must dig deep into your curriculum.  You must be able to identify prior knowledge skills as well as identify clear and concise statements regarding the intended learning outcomes. 


    During the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 extensive work regarding KUD development occured.  Many teachers are new to the district and the KUD process, while others are well versed in the process and are able to move on to the next level.   

  • Differentiation Central
    The Curry School of Education faculty at the University of Virginia have provided support and resources to help educators move from novice to expert in differentiation. Here you will find exemplar lesson plans, help with writing clear learning goals, information on strategies that support differentiation, as well as recommended books, articles, Web-based tools, and multimedia.

    Sample KUDs are available on this site from elementary to secondary eduction teachers.  

Tips for Teachers
  • Seven Tips for Creating Engaging and Effective Lessons

    What makes a lesson click for students? Effective lessons should get students thinking and allow them to ask questions and practice higher-level thinking skills. Ensuring that lessons are engaging and carefully planned will help students retain more of what they learn.