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Substitute Teachers

The Weldon City Schools System requires that anyone interested in becoming a substitute teacher complete Effective Teacher Training for Substitutes prior to becoming a substitute teacher. This training is offered through Halifax Community College at various intervals throughout the year. You may contact Halifax Community College to get more information regarding this class or you can view the web page at

We will also accept a certificate stating that you have completed the Early Childhood Program at HCC or any other accredited college or university in lieu of the Effective Teacher Training. If you have a teaching certificate whether current or expired, you may submit this also, in lieu of the Effective Teacher Training. Once the HR department schedules its annual substitute training, an announcement will be placed in the local newspaper as well as at each of the schools in the WCS district. Upon completion of this training and approval by the board you will be notified by the HR department by mail and an updated substitute list containing your information will be forwarded to the schools.

IMPORTANT: Once approved as a substitute within the WCS district you will remain an active sub who will work on an as needed bases.  However, if contacted to substitute within WCS, you must sub at least once within a three (3) month period or your name will be removed from the sub list. You will be required to attend the next substitute training in order to be reinstated.

  • Must complete "Substitute Teacher" application on Weldon City Schools Job Board
  • Upload cover letter and resume with application
  • Must complete Substitute Packet (contact Human Resources)
  • Contact Ms. Richardson, Human Resources Admin. Asst. [email protected]