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Maintenance Requests

Technology Work Order System

What is MySchoolBuilding?

MySchoolBuilding is a web-based tech support/service request application that is a part of the SchoolDude system. We currently use several SchoolDude products within the district...

  • ITDirect - our technology service call management module
  • MaintenanceDirect - our district Maintenance/Buildings& Grounds module

Whatdoes MySchoolBuilding do for me?

MySchoolBuilding gives YOU control of your technology service requests.

  • You have the power to submit your own IT service requests as soon as you discover a problem with your classroom or office equipment or software.

  • You have access to MySchoolBuilding from any Internet-ready computer or mobile device. Login using a networked computer within the WCS or from a location outside of the WCS. You can also use a SmartPhone, iPad, or other mobile device that has Internet access. No matter where you are, just use the SchoolDude icon at the top of this page to reach the MySchoolBuilding login page, and sign in to your SchoolDude account using your current WCS email address. If you're having problems with district email, include an alternate email address in the problem description of your request.

  • You have the the potential to help your technician expedite your service request when you submit a single detailed request for each technology issue you encounter.
  • You have the benefit of system-generated email messages which will keep you updated on the progress of your service call.
  • You have a documented history of your call from start to finish, including progress notes relating to your request.
  • You have the ability to review, at your convenience, all of your service requests in the "My IT Requests" section of the database. You can check the status of a currently open call or use the notes in a completed callas a knowledge base to help you resolve recurring problems on your own.
  • You have the convenience of the SchoolDude Message Center, which allows you to correspond with the technician assigned to your call simply by clicking on his/her name.

Doesn't using MySchoolBuilding make more work for me?

No! Once you've registered for MySchoolBuilding,it won't take you any longer to submit a service request than it would take you to send an email message with the same information.The process is simple...

  • You use the desktop shortcut (or any MySchoolBuilding link on this page) to access the login page.
  • You enter your current WCS email address [email protected] and click Submit.
  • You will be redirected to the IT Request page, where you enter details about the problem you are experiencing.
  • You make a few clicks and type a brief - but detailed - description of your problem, including the service tag or serial number of the equipment with which you are experiencing difficulty.
  • You enter the submittal password, which can be found in the introductory paragraph on your IT Request Homepage,and your call is logged into the system.

MySchoolBuilding does the rest. Your call is automatically assigned and routed to the appropriateTechnology staff member, and you begin to receive system-generated emails relating to your call. From start to finish - you are in the loop.



We hope you will find MySchoolBuilding to be a powerful tool in the Weldon City Schools' tech support system. We feel that it will improve our service to all of our users, and strengthen the chain of communication relating to service requests. Please feel free to contact the Technology Department if you have questions or comments. You may email [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you.


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