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Application Process and Procedures

ALL candidates for employment must complete and submit an application using the link to the Weldon City Schools Job Board. 
  • How does an open position get filled?
    Positions are posted on the Weldon City Schools Job Board.
    It is essential that you apply online FIRST, so that principals/directors can access your information.  
  • What happens after an interview?
    After interviewing candidates, the principal/director and his/her interview team make a recommendation to Human Resources. Offers of employment are extended only from Human Resources. The applicant, upon accepting the offer, completes a background check form (found on the New Employee Onboarding Forms page). Once the background check is approved, the candidate is submitted to the WCS Board of Education for approval for hire.
    After board approval, the new hire is scheduled for New Employee Onboarding. 
  • What is covered during New Employee Orientation?
    Every employer has some form of new hire/re-hire orientation. This is a time (approximately 2 hours) where Human Resources/Payroll assists you with the following: answering any questions you may have about working at WCS, completion of paperwork that is required for employment, highlighting some of the great benefits of working here, and understanding some important policies; so that you feel adequately prepared to begin your new position. 


The first step is to complete an on-line classified application. Click here to access the application. Attend the scheduled Halifax County Schools bus driver training. Applicants must also complete a drug test. For upcoming training dates, please call 252-583-2381. Candidates must successfully complete drivers training and drug screening prior to being hired.The transportation director interviews candidates, and will select those who are a good fit for WCS schools. Please see The Interview and Employment Process, below, for more information about how candidates are selected for open positions.
Applicants are responsible for obtaining a North Carolina teacher's license.  NCDPI Online Licensure System
Applicants still in teacher educator programs should check with their college/university education department concerning licensure. Out-of-state applicants should contact the Division of Teacher Licensure, 301 North Wilmington Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27611, phone 919-807-3300. North Carolina Educator Licensure
Official transcripts are REQUIRED after a formal offer of employment is made to licensed employees, as well as classified positions (Teacher Assistants, Behavior Support, etc.) which require transcripts. Please order an official set of transcripts (for any degrees earned related to your area of interest) and have them sent DIRECTLY TO YOU and immediately forward to HR. You should always keep a copy of your transcripts for your records.
Yes. Your application should include the name, position, complete mailing address, and work and home phone numbers of at least three references, such as principals and supervisors, who have first hand knowledge of your professional preparation and competence. At least one reference must be from a supervisor. References from relatives are not accepted nor are references from friends who have not observed you in a work capacity.
If you are interested in enriching the lives of children and sharing your expertise with the students of WCS, then North Carolina provides an alternate route to teaching; Residency Licensure. View helpful information to the alternate licensure process: Residency Licensure/Alternate Routes to Licensure.