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Weldon City Schools is committed to recruiting and retaining a highly-qualified workforce to meet the needs of our scholars and our community. Please click on the Weldon City Schools Job Board (link below) to apply for a position in a school district where you are valued and supported!
Weldon City Schools is proud to offer (one time) competitive, recruitment bonuses
for the 2022-2023 school year!

Weldon City Schools offers:
Tuition reimbursement up to $1,000.00 
One-time Licensure Testing Reimbursement

Sign-On Bonus for Fully Certified Teachers in Math, Science, and Exceptional Children

Weldon City Schools is an equal opportunity employer.  

Employment Application Procedures

Website; complete both sections explaining the application and applying to a job. Use Google Chrome as your Browser.

  • Sign-in page: If you have not created an account click sign up, otherwise enter your credentials. WCS Employees: DO NOT USE YOUR County EMAIL AS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS
  • Use your Legal Name (No Nicknames). The legal name is what is printed on your Social Security Card.

Set Preferences:

  • Geography: choose all or your preference
  • Type: Choose at least Public
  • Regions: Choose at least South
  • Keywords: Leave blank
  • Profile Sharing: Choose one (by not selecting agree, may limit the availability of your application to potential employers)
  • Click: Save Preferences

Personal Planning:

  • Complete PORTFOLIO (click arrows next to complete now)
  • Personal Information: Complete all areas with an asterisk (*)

Academics: click +Add School (enter at least high school)

Possible issues:

  • Enter the information in the order listed on screen
  • If you do not see your school select, My school is Not listed
  • Enter your information, then select save selection
  • Repeat as needed

Credentials: Answer all information with an asterisk (*)

  • Certification/Licensure:
    • If you do not hold a teachers license, you will click add, then under Certification/Licensure Status, select DON’T HAVE ANY CERTIFICATIONS, and then save section
  • If you Do have certifications or licensure: you will enter information for all of the fields that have an asterisk (*)
    • NOTE: Under Certification URL, enter NCDPI

References: Must enter 3

  • Emails are required for references
  • If your reference does not have an email address use: [email protected] (example: Their name is John Doe do the email will be [email protected]

Video Links: OPTIONAL

Additional Documents: OPTIONAL


  • Resume: Upload a resume
  • Employment History: add employment history by selecting +Add
    • Possible issues:
      • Position: Select area that applies, otherwise select other work experience
      • Type of role: Select General Member is not a supervisor.
    • Repeat if needed
  • Involvement/Volunteer Work: OPTIONAL
  • Honors: OPTIONAL
  • Affidavit: Review and then select the box for confirming, then click Complete
  • You will return to the Dashboard

If you do not see a posting for the job(s) that you are interested in, please consider applying to the Generic Posting in the category for which you are interested:

  • * Licensed (positions that require a Professional Educator’s License)
  • *Classified (teacher assistant, custodial, clerical, school nutrition)
  • * Substitute (teacher, school nutrition, and bus driver)
  • *Bus Driver (regular bus driver)

If you have questions about Teacher Match or need support with the application process, please call (855)980-0511 or email [email protected]



District Contact Information


Email: [email protected]
Phone:  (252) 536-4821